Georgian Manuscripts Georgian Manuscripts The First Jruchi Four Gospels 940 Healing of the Possessed One 72396773 Palimsest Primary layar (An Extract from Gospel) V-VI cent. In the V- VI cent. palimpsests the manuscript pages are left without ornaments, nevertheless, their artistic effect is great. The subtle feeling for beauty characteristic for the creators of Georgian manuscript books becomes apparent already on this early stage of development of Georgian book-making art. Such artistic methods as distribution of the text on the page in two columns, choice of the colour of ink, beautiful letters, showing of separate parts of the text by means of initial letters — enlarged capital letters written beyond the limits of the vertical line of the column of the text on the margins, became later the basis of the art of ornamentation of Georgian manuscript books. 72395719 The Adishi Four Gospels 897 Canon 72398149 Jrutchi I Gospels (X century) 72400605 Gemini (medieval Georgian astrological treatise). 12th century 72400893 Manuscripts of "The Knight in the Tiger's Skin" . Among the illustrated secular works the manuscripts of "The Knight in the Tiger's Skin" occupy an important place. In the ornamentations of manuscripts of the XVII century one can notice the influence of Persian miniature paintings which was due to political situation of Georgia experiencing Persian influence in the life of upper classes of society. However, it should be noted that in a number of manuscripts the authors show their own typical manner of writing or presentation of the content of composition. In the manuscript of "The Knight in the Tiger's Skin" belonging to King Giorgi XI, the artistic borders and the text are made on a whole leaf as a contrast to Persian manuscripts, and the golden ornamentations on each page are quite different by their pattern. 72401813 The Adishi Four Gospels 897 St. luke and St. John Gospel's Title-Page 72402560 The Gospel from Mokvi, 1300 The Four Gospels XIII cent. Headpiece. In the manuscripts of the XIII century we note tendencies not only towards breaking of the decorative frames but towards entering of the ornament into the text. The initial letter is more complex, it becomes longer along the vertical column of the text. Decorative framing of miniatures is often connected with the composition characters or architecture: some details break the frame limits and fill the empty space of the pages. The classical limitation of disposition of figures is changed by their free, dynamical distribution. 72403871 The Gospel from Mokvi, 1300 The Mokvi Four Gospels 1300 Kiss of Juda 72403329 The Gospel from Mokvi, 1300 Psalter XV cent. Archangel Michael takes Babakkuk to Daniel in the lion's Den 72404673 The Gospel from Mokvi, 1300 The Mokvi Four Gospels 1300 Genealogy of Christ (part) 72404736 The Gospel from Mokvi, 1300 The Mokvi Four Gospels 1300 Peter's Renunciation 72404927 The Four Gospels XIII cent. St. Mark, the Evangelist 72405209 Ecvtime Mtatsmideli's Synaxarium 1030 Annunciation 72406177 Temptation of Christ. 72405285 Triodion XII cent. Healing of the Paralytic 72406593 The Alaverdi Four Gospels 1054 St. Matthew the Evangelist and the Gospel's Title-Page 72406337 The Second Jruchi's Gospel 72401634